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June 17, 2007

Hopefully you have already discovered the cool CodeSnippet feature, found in both WebPad.NET and the new WebCoder 2007 beta. If not, you can see it in action in this WebPad.NET product demo. Now, I would really like to see what you can do with this feature, and besides, it would be cool to have some standard CodeSnippets to include with the final release of WebCoder 2007 and the WebPad.NET update. If you have already created a cool CodeSnippet, or if you simply have a good idea for one, send it to us and enter the competition to win a free WebPad.NET or WebCoder 2007 (which ever you prefer) commercial license. So, send us all your best stuff, make your fellow TSW users happy and you may even win a free license! Here is how you do it:

  • Write an e-mail to codesnippets {at} tsware [dot] net
  • Include your full name and your e-mail address
  • A short description of the snippet and what it does, as well as the target language
  • Attach the CodeSnippet(s) that you wish to enter into the contest, to the e-mail

Please notice that by sending us your CodeSnippet(s), you allow us to distribute it as a part of our software.

Finding your CodeSnippets

Your CodeSnippets are saved in the WebCoder or WebPad.NET settings directory as simple XML files. You can find them by navigating to the following path or by selecting Start -> Run in Windows and copy/paste the path:

XP: C:\Documents and Settings\[Your username]\Local Settings\Application Data\TSW\WebCoder 2007\settings\codesnippets\

Vista: C:\Users\[Your username]\AppData\Local\TSW\WebCoder 2007\settings\codesnippets\

You should replace the [Your username] part with the username of your Windows user. If you're using WebPad.NET instead of WebCoder 2007, you should replace the WebCoder 2007 part with WebPad.NET.

In this folder, you will find a bunch of folders, corresponding to the languages for which you have created CodeSnippets. You will find your CodeSnippets inside of these folders, as simple XML files. 

The contest will be running right up until the final version of WebCoder 2007 will be released. We can't wait to see your best snippets!

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