The future of WebCoder / phpCoder

November 17, 2009

Hello all,

As this blog clearly shows, things have been a bit quiet here at TSW. Not the company in general, I have been as busy as usual, but for several months after the release of WebCoder 2009, I was occupied by other projects than the software. Finishing up WebCoder 2009 and releasing it took a lot of effort, and I really needed some time away from it afterwards. During that time, I thought a lot about the future of both WebCoder and phpCoder though, and wrote down every idea I got.

By now, I have a huge list of small and big ideas that I want to do for the next version, but the really big question is: What will the next version be? phpCoder 2010? WebCoder 2010? CombinedCoder 2010? I have thought a lot about this, after receiving much feedback from you, dear users, but now I think it's time that we take a discussion together, all of us. To separate it from previous discussions, I have created a brand new forum for this single purpose, with the mysterious name xCoder 2010.

What I really want is all of your opinions on where we should take these pieces of software and how we will make them even better. I would like to know which version you currently use, which version you prefer, what your favorite features are, and what you currently long for. In other words: Throw in all your thoughts and ideas, as structured as possible, and I will try to combine them and integrate it all into my current TODO list. I want everything, from minor annoyances to big feature requests. Obviously, I can't fulfill all of your wishes, but this is your best bet to influence the next version, so start posting! I will take part in the discussions, but I may hold back in the beginning, to make sure that as many people as possible have a chance to be heard, before I meddle :). I'm looking forward to hearing all of your opinions, so be sure to post in the xCoder 2010 forum now! Thank you :)

Kasper (TSW) @ 10:54 pm in phpCoder,TSW,WebCoder