TSW WebCoder 2012 – what would you like?

July 7, 2011

Hello all,

Since Saturday, all the TSW websites have been down and we've had problems with our mail servers as well. Our ISP, which is one of the biggest in Denmark, had to move all their servers after one of their datacenters lost all power due to a huge rainfall in Copenhagen and other Danish cities. The newspapers are talking about "the biggest rainfall in 500 years" and telling us that we received the same amount of rain in a couple of hours that we would have normally received within a couple of months. Hopefully everything should be okay now, and while there was not much I could do during this entire process, I do apologize to everyone who has tried to access the website and instead received an error.

Now, let's move onto something more interesting! I'm currently writing down ideas for the next version of WebCoder, which will likely be named TSW WebCoder 2012, and while I do have some ideas of my own, I would love to hear what you guys would like to see in this next version! I have created a brand new forum for this, where I hope you will post all of your ideas. This can of course be ideas for new functionality, or wishes for modifications of the existing functions. Since I haven't started coding anything yet, everything is possible, at least in theory, so let's talk about how we can make WebCoder even better in the future! I'm looking forward to hearing all of your good feedback :)

Enter the TSW WebCoder 2012 forum!


Kasper (TSW) @ 10:55 am in TSW,WebCoder