PHP IDE & Web editor - TSW WebCoder 2013

You need to write the best code possible - every time

Whether you're working on a personal project or doing work for a client, you need to write your best code every time. Even when the deadline is closing in on you and the budget is tight, your code still has to be top-notch in order for you to create the functional and user-friendly websites required by today's standards.

One of the key qualifications you need to master in order to write good code is being able to focus on the details while keeping an eye on the big picture. With the help of contextual code suggestions and real-time code validation you will have an easier job getting the details right, thus leaving you with the opportunity to pay attention to the bigger picture.

We call WebCoder an intelligent IDE and editor, and for good reasons. Functions like IntelliSense, CodeSnippets, Zen Coding, Code Tidy, PHP debugging and real-time validation ensures that you can focus on developing websites instead of typing, formatting and checking long and complicated lines of code.

3 simple ways to improve your workflow with WebCoder

All that's just the top of the list...
WebCoder 2013

Watch the 5 minute video and discover a faster way of coding

We promise you that WebCoder will speed up your work while still allowing you to deliver the best possible end result.
In this 5 minute video you will see how contextual code suggestions and real-time code validation speeds up your work flow!

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TSW WebCoder 2013 main features

Modern standards

- WebCoder fully supports modern standards like HTML5, CSS3 and the latest versions of PHP and JavaScript.

Intelligent code editor

- The WebCoder editor offers syntax highlighting, split view editing, CodeFolding, CodeSnippets and much more.

Full IntelliSense

- Type PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery much faster with advanced IntelliSense support.

Built-in FTP client

- Immediately upload your website or work remotely with the built-in FTP/FTPS/SFTP client.

PHP Debugging

- Step through your PHP code and see how it works, for a better understanding and easier problem fixing.

Code tidy

- WebCoder will help you format your code properly and let you focus on more important things.

Real-time validation

- WebCoder validates your HTML, CSS and PHP as you type it for better and more robust results.

Preview your work

- See and test your work in both IE and Firefox at the same time, with split preview.

A web editor developed by us, refined by your peers...

WebCoder 2013 is based on 15 years of experience in developing web editing tools, each new version based on feedback from users of the previous version. A six month beta testing period has made sure that everything works as it should, and all features have been polished with help from the people who will be using it every day: The customers.

Fully customizable workspace for a more efficient workflow

You probably have your preferences when it comes to shortcuts and where you want the elements of your IDE. With WebCoder 2013 you can customize a workspace that suits your personal needs as a web developer, thus making your workflow more efficient.

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