TSW SiteSync 2.03 released

September 5, 2010

It's with great pleasure that I bring you an updated version of TSW SiteSync, and to mark this update, SiteSync has now got its very own website, just like WebCoder got with the release of version 2010. While this new release mostly brings minor enhancements, it has lots of them! In fact, my TODO list shows a total of 25 items which has been fixed, in order to make SiteSync an even better application. If you haven't already tried SiteSync, now is definitely the time to do it. Move on over to and have a look at the new website and download the free trial. Existing customers should do the same - your current key will work with this update, so just install it on top of your existing installation. Enjoy!

Kasper (TSW) @ 8:45 pm in SiteSync