TSW WebCoder 2013 final beta 1 released

February 19, 2013

During the last couple of months of beta testing, the amount of bugs reported has slowly declined and I think that WebCoder 2013 is now ready for the next step: The final beta label. This means that the focus is now more than ever on bug fixing and getting a finished product ready for you guys. Let's find those last bugs and get rid of them!

The first draft of the WebCoder 2013 documentation is also included in this build, meaning that you can finally use the Help/F1 button. Please do let me know if you find any errors in the help or if you think that a certain subject is missing.

> TSW WebCoder 2013 beta area (information & download)

Thank you for participating in the beta test and be sure to report the problems you find. As always, the most active beta testers will be rewarded with a free license for TSW WebCoder 2013 Professional, once the final version has been released. Enjoy!

Kasper (TSW) @ 5:39 pm in TSW,WebCoder

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