TSW WebCoder 2010 released!

August 15, 2010

It's with great joy that I can now announce the final version of TSW WebCoder 2010. It has been betatested for 3 months now, and I believe it's ready for you today. While fixing the problems reported back by the awesome betatesters, I have also used the time to create a brand new website for WebCoder. It can be found at, which will be the new home for WebCoder. Later on, I will release a new website for SiteSync as well, together with a maintenance release. In the meantime, will still be online, mainly to serve the people looking for SiteSync. But enough about that, let's focus on WebCoder 2010. In case you haven't noticed, a lot of information has been posted during the development of this new application. Here's a list of blog posts that might interest you:

But hey, why not just give it a try? Hurry on over to and click the big Download button!

If you have previously purchased a license to WebCoder 2009, phpCoder 2008 or WebPad.NET, I would like to offer you a 25% upgrade discount on WebCoder 2010. Simply visit the Buy now page, click the upgrade link in the top and use your previous order ID to get the discount.

As promised, 5 hard working betatesters will receive a free Professional license for WebCoder 2010. Here are the 5 people from the beta forum, who seems to have contributed the most during the beta phase (in no particular order, listed with their forum names):

  • PugFish
  • TEL0000
  • Ulven
  • s1tony
  • TeWeE

Send me an e-mail through the contact form of this site, and I will make sure that you get your free license. A big thank you goes out to you and to all the other betatesters, you have done some great work. Thank you!

That's all I have for now. I hope you'll love this brand new version of WebCoder as much as I do and use it to make the web an even more amazing place. Enjoy! :)

Special note to people with a beta version installed: Unless you allow WebCoder to overwrite your previous settings, you may be missing out on certain fixes, since the final release usually comes with slightly modified data files, to fix issues from beta versions where these files are involved.

Kasper (TSW) @ 8:53 am in TSW

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