TSW WebCoder 2010 sneak-peak part 11: New licensing scheme

May 15, 2010

Right from the very first paid version of WebCoder and up till now, there has been a personal and a commercial license available. This policy had only one purpose: To be able to sell a cheaper license to all the hobby-coders and students out there, by letting the companies and the professional web developers, making a living off their work with WebCoder, pay for it. Unfortunately, a lot of people found the principles hard to understand - when did they need to purchase a commercial license and what was the difference?

Another problem was that with all those great features contained in WebCoder, some people simply didn't need them all. For the same reason, I created WebPad, a cheaper version of WebCoder with a limited set of the features. However, maintaining yet another application means extra work and less time to focus on the stuff that really matters, so when combining WebCoder and phpCoder, I thought to my self: Why not throw in WebPad as well? So instead of releasing three different application, each in two different editions, WebCoder will be THE application, released in three different editions, where price and the amount of included functions will be the key difference. Hopefully that will be easier for everyone to understand and I know it will be easier to maintain, allowing me to make the single best product possible.

For now, I'm probably going with the names "Light", "Standard" and "Professional". The beta version will default to the Professional edition, while trial users of the final version will be given the choice to try it in different editions during their trial period. I haven't entirely decided on pricing yet, as well as the features contained in each edition, but your feedback is obviously welcome. I hope you like this change, as I believe it will be the best for everyone and on top of that, a lot less confusing.

Kasper (TSW) @ 9:39 pm in TSW,WebCoder

3 Responses to “TSW WebCoder 2010 sneak-peak part 11: New licensing scheme”

  1. BlackYeLL says:

    I think it’s a great idea.

    Concerning price, I think something like $49 / $79 / $119 (but will depend on which options will be included)

  2. MooreHojer says:

    I’m glad that you desided to go with the 3-in-1 app, and I know for sure that I will by the professional no matter the pricing :-)

  3. Pelle Ravn says:

    I think it’s a great idea!

    I know from myself that I had problems comparing the diffrence in the applications for what need some users would need. So a good old “Windows Compare Editions”-scheme with a check-list of what the different editions contains would be great. :)

    Maybe you can make the “check-list” available for the beta release, so some beta testers can test if the features are available/missing in each editions?

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