Christmas discount 2009

December 1, 2009

Hello everyone,

Every year, people here in Denmark complaint that Christmas starts even earlier than last year. We've had Christmas inspired commercials, beer and city decorations for weeks now, but for me, Christmas starts on the first of December. Last year, I offered a special Christmas discount for all you blog readers, but perhaps it was a bit late, so this year, we're going to start early - I hope you don't mind :). From today, and right up until Christmas eve/day, you can enjoy a nice 25% discount on all TSW products! For instance, you can get a WebCoder 2009 personal license for only $44.99 or a commercial license for only $67.49. Of course, with such a big discount, I hope that you might feel compelled to go for one of the bundles - you can get a fine combination of WebCoder 2009 and SiteSync for only $63.74 ($97.49 for commercial use). It's a great package for all web developers, a combination I use myself every day. I highly recommend it :)

All you have to do, is to use this special ordering page and pick your desired product before people are dancing around the Christmas tree (at least that's what we do here in Denmark) and you're good to go :)

Buy your favorite TSW application with a special 25% christmas discount now [1]

Also, be sure to have a look at this blog post, about the future of WebCoder and phpCoder. Your opinion really matters!

[1] A special message to the Danish readers: Som dansker kan det bedst betale sig at bestille via en bankoverførsel. Brug denne specielle ordre side for at få jule-rabatten!

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