TSW phpCoder 2008 – debugging video

December 18, 2007

Hello all. As promised, I will show you how debugging works in the upcoming TSW phpCoder 2008. The first video only shows the most basic functionality of the debugger - breakpoints, stepping through and into/out of code, as well as watches. Debugging is by far my favorite feature in phpCoder, and hopefully, you will like it too. Have a look and let me know what you think:

Click here to see a video of basic debugging in TSW phpCoder 2008

Feedback is much appreciated. Stay tuned for a video of the more advanced debugger functionality :)

Kasper (TSW) @ 10:47 am in TSW

2 Responses to “TSW phpCoder 2008 – debugging video”

  1. codeamatic says:

    Ahhhhh….that’s great…once again, i’m sold…

  2. Kasper (TSW) says:

    Excellent, codeamatic :). I will be posting an even cooler video the next time, probably around christmas. If anyone wants an early preview of the video, drop me an e-mail through the contact form :)

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