TSW WebCoder 2007, version 7.02 released

September 8, 2007

I'm happy to announce a new update for WebCoder 2007. This is the second update, once again including a number of minor fixes, as requested by the users. It also includes TSW Update, as described in the previous blog post about the SiteSync update. Here is a list of changes in WebCoder 2007, version 7.02:

  • PHP AutoProposal can now suggest variables within PHP strings
  • Database tables with a dash (-) in their name could not be shown
  • When there is no selected text, WebCoder will no longer allow empty lines to be cut or copied to the clipboard
  • Editor setting added to allow for automatic conversion of tabs to spaces
  • WebCoder would sometimes not remember the last used directory in the File explorer properly
  • The Extended search & replace could be come unstable with certain search/replace combinations
  • The Extended search & replace will now use the same encoding as selected by the user in the Settings dialog, when writing to files

The update has been released to replace previous versions, so if you are bothered by any of these minor bugs, just re-download from the WebCoder product page and install on top of the previous version. There should be no conflicts with datafiles from the final version of WebCoder.

Note to registered users of WebCoder: This is of course a free upgrade for you :). If you are running WebCoder 2007, version 7.00, you should be aware of the following: The location of the product key has been moved, so that WebCoder can now be registered by users not having access to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE part of the registry. Instead, it will be installed in HKEY_CURRENT_USER. This means that you have to re-register the application. Simply use the same key if you still have it, or get a new one from the serial key system, as described in the e-mail you received upon purchasing WebCoder. If you have any problems, be sure to contact us.

As mentioned, this release includes TSW Update. It's simply a small application which will launch the first time you start WebCoder, showing you the latest news from TSW. It will start as often as you'd like (or never again), depending on the interval you select - the default is every 3 days. This will keep you updated on everything new from TSW by showing you the latest entries from this blog, which is really the best way to make sure that you get the latest updates to the applications and try the newest beta versions. Besides that, tips & tricks will be posted here now and then. Of course, you may turn off TSW Update if you're not interested.

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2 Responses to “TSW WebCoder 2007, version 7.02 released”

  1. Hi,

    The idea about TSW Update is great, but it’s annoying that you can only select intervals of days for it to be shown.
    It should be possible to make it appear only when something new is on the site.

    Also, it would be nice that Webcoder had an auto-update feature.

  2. […] but besides that, TSW Update has been added. For more information on TSW Update, please see a previous post. The update has been released to replace previous versions, so if you are experiencing problems […]

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