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June 7, 2007

TSW Webcoder: Color Management Feature

Hello, friends and fellow TSW Software fanatics!

Come in. Find a seat and get out your pencils and paper... and open TSW WebCoder 2005 while you're at it!
Let's take a moment to learn another cool, unique feature of TSW Webcoder 2005. For the web-standards evangelists in the audience, you may want to turn-off the iPods and listen-up as this might interest you especially.

Step #1:

With your current project, or active document loaded in Web Coder 2005, open the CSS Panel. Ensure that your global CSS Selectors are visible. For example, if you are using a Web Coder Project, you might tick the "View
for active project" radio button and follow any prompts for loading your main CSS file, or if you're simply using a single file, be sure to hit the "update" button in the CSS Panel.

Step #2:

Open the Web Coder 2005 Projects Panel. Locate the top-most icon of your current project. Directly beneath the Project folder-name-- above the file folders belonging to that project, there are a few default Web Coder
icons which indicate any Database associated with the project, the FTP location, the Project Template(s) and the "Project Colors".

Step #3:

Using the secondary mouse-button (i.e. right-click), select the Project Colors icon, revealing the Project Colors context menu. Select "Add Colors from Project Stylesheet". Webcoder will ask if you want to add the colors. Select "Yes".


All of your current Project colors, as declared in your CSS, should now be conveniently summarized and accessible at the click of a button.

If you tend to design with a limited set of colors, or what we might call a "color scheme" ( as in something like this: ), you will definitely find this Web Coder 2005 feature to be of value.

ATTN: TSW Software Users and Advocates:

Big Deal...

I'm excited to have the opportunity to author some tips for you right here in the TSW Blog-- it's a great honor. I urge any other avid WebCoder and WebPad.NET users to become more involved in sharing your own thoughts, tips, success stories, and anything else you want to share with the community. Show the folks at TSW that you know how to put together a few sentences into a meaningful paragraph, and perhaps you'll be authoring text here on the TSW Blog too!

Best wishes, and Good Luck!

Jeff @ 8:17 am in TSW,WebCoder

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