TSW WebPad.NET update

May 6, 2007

I wrote about it some time ago and now it's here: TSW WebPad.NET 1.10. I'm releasing it for you, the readers of this blog, first, to see how you like it. I'm hoping that you'll tell me if I messed anything up while working on the update :). As I wrote earlier, this release is mostly about fixing minor glitches from version 1.0, but I have added some small but nice features here and there, like the ability to remember your open files/project etc. Please give it a try and let me know what you think of it in the beta forum.

Download TSW WebPad.NET 1.10

If you're already using WebPad.NET, you should be aware that this update will overwrite your syntaxcoloring settings. You may want to take a backup of your settings directory before installing. It can usually be found in C:\Documents and Settings\<Your username>\Local Settings\Application Data\TSW\WebPad.NET\settings\.

Also, please notice that if you have purchased WebPad.NET, you will need a new key to use the application beyond the usual 25 executions. Please contact us with your name and order ID if you need a key.

Kasper (TSW) @ 12:26 pm in WebPad.NET

4 Responses to “TSW WebPad.NET update”

  1. Adam Moore says:

    Is there a changelog that we can look at to verify fixes and such?

  2. Kasper (TSW) says:

    Hi Adam,

    Sorry, no changelog, I’m really bad at making those :(

  3. Adam Moore says:

    Bummer. Then I’ll just ask. Has there been a fix for the text writing over each other in the bottom bar that shows the filename your on? After a while that parts get overwritten by other files you have opened and for me even after a while the bar completely disappears sometimes taking the horizontal scroll bar with it.

  4. Kasper (TSW) says:

    Yes Adam, as far as I remember, that should be resolved now :). If not, then be sure to let me know!

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