WebPad.NET and the Ctrl+Tab window

January 10, 2007

In many applications, you can switch between open documents by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Tab. WebPad.NET takes this to the next level, by giving you a nice overview of your open documents and Tool windows. Try holding down the Ctrl key and then press the Tab key to see the window. As long as the Ctrl key is down, the window remains open, allowing you to use some of the other keys to navigate through it. When you release the Ctrl key, the selected item is then activated (document or Tool window).

Press Tab again to select the next document. Hold down Shift as well, to select the previous document instead. You may also use the arrow keys to navigate between the open documents, or move focus to one of the Tool windows. You may also use the mouse to click on one of the items. Simply release the Ctrl key to activate it.

That's all :)

Kasper (TSW) @ 11:53 am in WebPad.NET

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