TSW WebCoder 2009 final beta 2 released

February 10, 2009

Final beta 2 of WebCoder 2009 is finally here :). A bunch of bugs have been fixed, and I feel that we're getting closer to the final release. Keep up the good work, so we can nail the remaining ones.

As stated in a previous post, I would like to give away a free commercial TSW WebCoder 2009 license to the 5 most active betatesters once the final version has been released. I hope that this will motivate you even more, so that the final product can be as bug free as possible!

Download TSW WebCoder 2009 final beta 2 - please provide feedback in the beta forum

In case you're wondering what's new in WebCoder 2009, I urge you to read all the posts I have written on the progress of this new version. They will give you a lot of details on most of the new functionality. For a complete list of blog posts, use this link.

Please be aware that this is beta software. It's meant for testing only, and if you don't feel comfortable using software with known bugs and quirks, you should wait for the final version.

Kasper (TSW) @ 9:05 pm in WebCoder

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  1. Jan Fisher says:

    WebCoder 2009 final beta 2 seems to have fixed my startup problem. Thanks.

    I appreciate the code inspector as it is cleaning up my html.

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