The making of WebCoder 2009 – part 8

November 17, 2008

With the release of WebCoder 2009, I'm hoping to bring WebCoder and phpCoder closer together. I want the best from both worlds, but as I mentioned in the very first blog post, I don't think that I will get that by putting both editors into one application. I want WebCoder to be the very best tool for creating and designing webpages, and I want phpCoder to be the very best tool for writing and testing PHP code. Obviously, both editors will overlap each other, but they will still be highly specialized, and I think that's a good thing. However, with the release of phpCoder 2008, I discovered that I'm not the only one who can see potential in using both editors. Several customers have purchased a license for both at the same time, and with WebCoder 2009, I wish to make that an even more obvious choice. How?

First of all, the WebCoder 2009 and phpCoder 2008 will be able to import each others project, and thereby save project information to the same file. This will allow both applications to inform the other when a project is changed, so that it can be reloaded. I have already implemented this, and it's working pretty well. Besides that, both applications will send a message picked up by the other, each time a file is saved. This allows you to work on the same file in both editors, and have the changes silently loaded in the other application. For instance, if you save the file in WebCoder, phpCoder will see if that specific file is currently open and if so, reload the content, making sure that cursor position etc. is preserved. I think that's a good basis for using both applications at the same time, but perhaps you have more ideas? I would love to hear them! :)

Second of all, I will be offering bundles with both applications, so that you can buy them both and get a nice discount at the same time, or even include SiteSync, for the ultimate web developer package :)

Kasper (TSW) @ 11:56 am in WebCoder

7 Responses to “The making of WebCoder 2009 – part 8”

  1. BlackYeLL says:

    I think it’s a great idea :D

    Sounds good ^^

  2. Chai Leng says:

    I’m ding donging should i buy the webcoder2007 or wait for your 2009 version to come out.

    It would be great if i can have both webcoder and phpcoder combined as one. Oh ya, dont forget the phpdoc, is greats. Make my doc life easier.

  3. Jacob says:

    Maybe you’ll need the Master Pack, that kasper want to make.

    Mater Pack Contain:
    – TSW WebCoder 2009
    – TSW PhpCoder 2008
    – TSW SiteSync

  4. Kasper (TSW) says:

    Thank you, Yell :)

    Chai Leng, that really depends on how badly you need a good editor right now ;). The final version of WebCoder 2009 is still months away – can you wait that long? If not, then rest assured that all WebCoder 2007 customers will be offered a nice upgrade discount when WebCoder 2009 is released :)

  5. Matthew says:

    I’d never heard of WebCoder and PHPCoder, but have been looking for something that will allow me debug PHP in an IDE – but at the same time have a fully functional XHTML/CSS IDE as well. All the reviews I’ve seen have been positive about these apps!

    It would be great if your website could have a comparison checklist between WebCoder and PHPCoder – like many I’m not sure which one is likely to be most useful to me or if I actually need both! As it is, I’ve downloaded both so I can trial them and see which is more useful.

  6. […] Code for communicating with TSW WebCoder 2009 was implemented. This will allow users of both applications to share projects and work on the same files with both editors at the same time. More information can be found here. […]

  7. Drew says:

    Working well for me! I love the new featureset of webCoder but can’t beat the stability of phpCoder. Best of both worlds.

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