TSW SiteSync 2.0 final beta 1 released

August 25, 2008

The first final beta release of SiteSync 2.0 now comes with real documentation. Any feedback on this is appreciated as well :). The amount of bugs discovered in the last couple of versions has been pretty minimal, so I have focused a lot on improving the localization process, in preparation of implementing in it phpCoder 2008 next. The localization editor has been improved, SiteSync should now make all of it's controls available for translation, and a new localization area at has been prepared. I hope that you will all share your localization work as much as possible. Also, a new menu item in SiteSync makes it possible to easily browse and download language files. If there are any problems with all the new stuff I've added, then be sure to let me know. I would like to mention once again, that new language files will be rewarded with a free TSW SiteSync commercial license.

Download TSW SiteSync 2.0 final beta 1 - please provide feedback in the beta forum

Download TSW Localization Editor - more information here, please provide feedback in the beta forum

As mentioned in the first beta post, free licenses will be given to the best betatesters for either TSW WebCoder 2007 or TSW phpCoder 2008 as well as SiteSync 2.0, once the final version has been released.

Please be aware that this is beta software. It's meant for testing only, and if you don't feel comfortable using software with known bugs and quirks, you should wait for the final version.

Kasper (TSW) @ 5:54 pm in SiteSync

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