TSW SiteSync 2.0 beta 3 released – now with localization!

August 13, 2008

During the last couple of weeks, I have been working on implementing localization in SiteSync 2.0. I built the localization system from scratch, so it fits the TSW applications the best, and may later be implemented in TSW phpCoder and TSW WebCoder. This means that SiteSync can be easily translated into other languages, and I hope that you will all help me by doing just that. This whole localization thing is still very much beta, but I have tested it quite a bit, and it should be stable enough for you to do the same. Once SiteSync goes into final, I will be happy to give away free licenses in exchange for proper language files, so this is your chance to get a head start on it :)

First of all, you need the latest beta version of SiteSync from the link below. Besides the new localization system, it includes a range of bug fixes, found in beta 2. You also need the new TSW Localization Editor, which can be found below as well. The editor includes a README file which explains how to localize the application. To test it, SiteSync 2.0 beta 3 comes with a new Settings button in the main interface, which lets you change the language. It simply lists the files found in the new "languages" folder, so please put your test language file in there. Right now, it's all very simple - you can change the language, but only for the current session. The next time you start SiteSync, the language will be English, but you can't change back to the default language in the middle of a session. This will all be a bit more polished for the final version, but it will do for testing purposes :)

As mentioned, the localization part is still very much beta, so feel free to suggest improvements to the Localization Editor and the localization process as well.

Download TSW SiteSync 2.0 beta 3 - please provide feedback in the beta forum

Download TSW Localization Editor - please provide feedback in the beta forum

As mentioned in the first beta post, free licenses will be given to the best betatesters for either TSW WebCoder 2007 or TSW phpCoder 2008 as well as SiteSync 2.0, once the final version has been released.

Please be aware that this is beta software. It's meant for testing only, and if you don't feel comfortable using software with known bugs and quirks, you should wait for the final version.

Kasper (TSW) @ 11:39 am in SiteSync

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  1. Feels good with some translation work to do :P
    Anyway, after 4 hours, I successfully translated the available strings into danish :)

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