TSW phpCoder 2008 1.01 released

June 2, 2008

I'm happy to announce the release of version 1.01 of TSW phpCoder 2008. It comes with the following changes:

  • Several IntelliSense bugs were fixed
  • Better support for the Ctrl+Space shortcut, in various PHP code contexts
  • Minor PHP Tidy fixes
  • A small bug where an extra / character would be used in a servermapped URL has been fixed
  • The address field of the old style interface has been made more flexible, so that it automatically adjusts its size to better use up free space
  • Added support for basic clipboard (Cut, Copy & Paste), Undo/redo and Select all shortcuts in IE preview (Mozilla preview does not seem to allow it)
  • The font color of the PHP reference listview could get a bit hard to read with certain Windows color schemes
  • Find references can now be used on a selected identifier as well
  • The Save As dialog now uses path and filename from existing file, if possible
  • An extra setting for controlling the PHP AutoProposal list was added, to differ between automatically showing for variables, class members etc. and for identifiers (when you start typing a word). You can turn the last one off, if the AutoProposal list is causing slow typing in phpCoder on your computer
  • A bug where the FTP port number would not be displayed correctly in the FTP server dialog was fixed

Besides that, a new option will be added to the Start menu, allowing you to easily manage the settings for TSW phpCoder, without starting the application. This allows you to reset layout, reset all settings, access the various folders and even make a backup of your settings folder.

To upgrade, simply go to the phpCoder product page and download the application. Install it on top of the previous version, that should cause no problems. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.

Kasper (TSW) @ 11:54 am in phpCoder

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  1. BlackYeLL says:

    Yeah, great ! :) Thank you !

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  3. […] Same application for easy access to application and settings directory as introduced in phpCoder 2008 version 1.01 […]

  4. […] Added the same application for easy access to application and settings directory as introduced in phpCoder 2008 version 1.01 […]

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