TSW phpCoder 2008 released!

April 28, 2008

I'm very happy to announce the final version of TSW phpCoder 2008. It can be downloaded from the product page, where I've tried to collect a bunch of cool videos and screenshots, for your viewing pleasure. Go download the trial version of it and I hope you'll all like it :). For those of you who haven't yet seen TSW phpCoder in action, here are the top list of reasons to give it a try as soon as possible:

Go get it now!

A big thank you goes out to all the betatesters, who have been hunting bugs like crazy for the last 3 months. 3 months, where you guys started almost 300 threads in the beta forum, and where we all submitted almost 1.500 posts in total. Very impressive, guys! I promised to give away 5 commercial licenses for phpCoder 2008, and while you all did a terrific job, I feel that these 5 persons deserves it the most (in no particular order, listed with their forum names):

  • amews_aj
  • Mobleman
  • BlackYell
  • iosoftgame
  • redndahead

Send me an e-mail through the contact form of this site, and I will make sure that you get your free license. Thank you, betatesters :)

Special note to people with a beta version installed: Unless you allow phpCoder to overwrite your previous settings, you may be missing out on certain fixes, since each beta release usually comes with slightly modified data files, to fix issues where these files are involved.

Kasper (TSW) @ 9:06 am in phpCoder

5 Responses to “TSW phpCoder 2008 released!”

  1. BLackYeLL says:

    Yeah ! It is here ! Best Php IDE ever \o/

    Thank you for this great editor :) I’m currently developping a PhpBB-killer with it ^^

  2. redndahead says:

    Awesome Kasper. Great job on the product sorry I wasn’t as active towards the end, conferences/family/work got me out of the loop. Thanks for the nod.

  3. Yeah! thanks again Kasper – you made the best php IDE ever :)

    Yesterday I tried linux once again.
    No php IDE for linux is just half as good as phpcoder 2008 :)

    Keep developing great software :D

  4. Kasper (TSW) says:

    Thank you guys, I’m glad you like it! I hope you’ll help me spread the word, so that we can make phpCoder 2009 even better, together! :)

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