Announcement: TSW phpCoder 2008

December 7, 2007

phpcoder_logo_32x32 As I hinted at earlier, I'm working on a new application. It's called TSW phpCoder, and is, as the name suggests, a dedicated PHP editor. While WebCoder keeps the broad focus, phpCoder is intended for PHP developers only. It will come with a nice set of features to keep the PHP developer happy, and the entire interface is based around writing PHP code. Obviously, you will see stuff that's in WebCoder as well, but phpCoder will be lighter, and almost every feature will be PHP related in one way or another. With that said, most PHP developers will write HTML too and even CSS on occasions - phpCoder will of course help with this, just like it helps you write PHP code. phpCoder brings new features to the table, and besides all the small adjustments and improvements, I think you will find real debugging and profiling, PHP Tidy and live syntax check among the interesting additions! I'm currently creating a couple of videos to show you this, so stay tuned - the first one will be posted within the next couple of days! If you have any suggestions or comments, let me know :)

Kasper (TSW) @ 6:04 pm in phpCoder

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  1. Ian Bowker says:

    I was just about to purchase WebCoder when I saw this blog post.
    Are the features you mention in addition to those in WebCoder or will phpCoder just have a subset of Webcoder’s features with extra enhancements?
    Do I buy or do I wait?

  2. Kasper (TSW) says:

    Hi Ian,

    phpCoder will come with some of WebCoder’s features, and some new ones as well. The new features I mention in this post are currently not in WebCoder. Which one to go with really depends on what you want from an editor. Some people will prefer the extra features (QuickEdit, tag dialogs, validation, tag inspectors etc.) and the broad focus of WebCoder, while others will prefer the hardcore PHP editor that I’m hoping for phpCoder to become :)

    Oh, and just for the record: I will be offering discounts to the customers of WebCoder who wish to purchase phpCoder :)

  3. Kevin8020 says:

    You could offer discounts… but I have another idea for you. What if you just built this as a supplemental plug-in to WebCoder? Maybe have it be an integrated thing, or a “mode switch” in WebCoder? That way the discount for us is built in, and we don’t have to deal with two programs.

  4. Kasper (TSW) says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I surely do see your point. However, I like having things separated. One of the goals of phpCoder is to be a bit faster than WebCoder – this can only be accomplished if it isn’t filled up with every WebCoder feature plus every new feature. Besides that, I would like a separate product, to market to the die hard PHP developers. Since WebCoder is a bit of a hybrid, I’m afraid that a lot of PHP developers dismiss it because they don’t think that it’s an editor for PHP, while the fact is that it comes with a bunch of features for the PHP developer :)

  5. Codeamatic says:

    Very exciting….when should we expect an alpha/beta release..??

  6. Yo, K-Tang! My homey! ‘been keepin it real on the PHP tip, i see. cool.. cool.

    So, is this the “PHP friendly” coder you talked about– way back before you started hardcore development of WebPad.NET? I recall you mentioning that you were working on a slimmed down, PHP Developers’ tool, but then– about 9 months later– the doctors said “i can see its head!”, then out popped WebPad.NET!

    Doesn’t matter either way, i suppose– but i’m excited to get my hands on your first tester’s release. (grumble, grumble, [mumbles to self: been waiting so darn long for this … grumble… teased me ’bout PHP toys… grumble grumble… so long ago!… grumble…]) You still have my ‘number’, don’t ya?

    In the meantime, I’ll put a note out the troops– in the trenches, eagerly awaiting this ammo!

  7. Kasper (TSW) says:

    Hi guys,

    I’m hoping to be able to show you the first beta version very early in the new year. It’s not really feature complete yet though, as I’m still finding cool ideas and adding to the existing ones. I will be posting lots of information during December to keep you curious though, so stay tuned :)

    Mr. Stardust, I surely still have your number ;). About the PHP editor I mentioned to you back then, it’s actually a bit of a funny story. I was pretty long into the process of making it, but in the end, I wasn’t completely satisfied. I couldn’t do the stuff I wanted at that point. That’s why the idea was ditched, and I started the process of converting my software to .NET. phpCoder 2008 will be everything I dreamed of back then, and a whole lot more :)

  8. Lewis says:

    Will you continue to develop WebCoder? I write a lot of PHP code and would like a lot of the features of PHPCoder, but I also code a lot of Javascript, CSS and HTML. My current problem is most either do PHP really well or do HTML/CSS really well whereas WebCoder does both pretty well. I do like the advanced features of dedicated programs like Zend Studio, but I also do enough Javascript/HTML/CSS to need tools to help that to. Unfortunately as I switch between them all the time I can’t just use 2 different programs.

  9. Kasper (TSW) says:

    Oh you bet I will, Lewis :). I’m already in the idea phase for next version of WebCoder. Development will start as soon as phpCoder is released, hopefully with even better support for both HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. Be sure to let me know if you have suggestions or ideas in general :)

  10. Lewis says:

    Wow thanks for the fast response. I’ve got lots of suggestions for it, mostly just small things that should help. Is there any kind of ticket system or mailing list to make suggestions and help with testing beta/snapshots? Or should I just make suggestions through the forum.

  11. YeLL says:

    I bet phpCoder will quickly become the best Php Coding Tools \o/

    Thank you ! (i also view the video, it’s incredible)

    Hope a beta release soon :D

  12. Kasper (TSW) says:

    Lewis, at this point, please just drop me an e-mail through the contact form of the site. Once the first beta version is released, we will move the discussion into the forum. Also, sorry for the very slow response. The blog didn’t inform me of your second comment, so I’ve only just seen it right now, when approving the comment from YeLL. I’m sorry about that!

    YeLL, thank you so much for the positive comment. I hope you’re right ;). Stay tuned for the next video, it will be posted soon :)

  13. YeLL says:

    Sure, I stay tune !

    You can count on me to report any bug when the beta will be released. I’m an intensive user, and I know Webcoder since a long time.

    But I switch to “VS.Php” some time ago mainly for 2 reason “the integrated real-time php code beautifier”, and the “website synchronization”…

    Now, with SiteSync and phpCoder with realtime php code beautifier (but not as strong as yours !), I’ll definitely use phpCoder, for sure.

    Web development is my job, and I would like to thank you for this software

    (I know, it’s to early to judge it, since I didn’t test it… but I know Webcoder, Webpad and they are both great software …. and since phpCoder will add the 2 missing features I need … it’ll be my favorite software for sure)

    Sorry for my english, I’m french.

  14. Kasper (TSW) says:

    YeLL, your English is just fine, so keep on posting! I will be happy to have you as a betatester, and I surely appreciate the confidence you have in me and my products. Hopefully phpCoder will live up to it, and since it comes with both PHP Tidy and SiteSync integration, I have a feeling that you will like it :)

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