Tips & tricks: SiteSync and the Watch mode

November 30, 2007

If you think that TSW SiteSync is only about doing synchronizations back and forth between your website, you're actually wrong :). Have a look at the feature page and you will realize that SiteSync is more than that. One of my absolute favorite features, is the Watch mode. SiteSync will go into watch mode after you've made a synchronization, but in fact, you can start watch mode from the main interface as well. Simply select a website from the main SiteSync window and then click the "Watch mode" toolbar button.

When SiteSync goes into watch mode, it monitors the root folder of your local website, as well as all it's subfolders. Whenever a file is created or modified, SiteSync will add this file to the list of files to be uploaded, without interrupting you at all. Whenever you feel like it, you may return to the watch window and click the Upload button. SiteSync will then connect to the website FTP server, and upload the files in the appropriate directories.

I use this feature all the time, when making changes to multiple files on one of my websites. It allows me to make the changes without worrying about which files have been changed and needs an upload afterwards, and it saves me from the tedious work of finding the files and uploading them to the appropriate directories in a complicated directory structure. I love it! :)

Kasper (TSW) @ 11:11 am in SiteSync

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