TSW WebCoder 2007 – beta 3

June 12, 2007

After more than a week of very intense bugfixing, beta 3 is now available for download. Thanks to all of you, a serious amount of bugs have been fixed, features have been added and tweaked, and WebCoder 2007 is now one step closer to perfection :). The bugs should now be less obvious and more hard to find, but I hope you will stay dedicated and track down the remaining ones anyway :). Keep up the good work, enjoy beta 3 and don't forget that we give away 5 free commercial WebCoder 2007 licenses  to the best betatesters, once the final version has been released!

Download TSW WebCoder 2007 beta 3 - please provide feedback in the beta forum

I'm looking very much forward to getting your feedback, so keep up the good testing! :)

Please notice that TSW WebCoder 2007 requires the .NET framework to run. The installer will try to install it for you, if you do not already have it. For more information about the .NET framework, please see our .NET info page. Also, please be aware that this is beta software. It's meant for testing only, and if you don't feel comfortable using software with known bugs and quirks, you should wait for the final version.

Kasper (TSW) @ 11:16 am in WebCoder

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