The making of "WebCoder.NET" – part 4

February 1, 2007

Another part of "WebCoder.NET" I started working on pretty soon, was the good old Image Explorer :). The Image Explorer has been a part of WebCoder for many versions now, but hasn't been improved on a lot, since it did pretty much what you could expect from such a feature in a web editor. However, the next version of WebCoder comes with an improved version of the Image Explorer. First of all, the PictureBox control found in .NET brings new ways of showing images. With the Delphi version, the image could be either normal or stretched. In stretched mode, the image would be fitted into the control, no matter how wide or high it was. With the .NET PictureBox, the Zoom mode works much better by resizing the image to a thumbnail while still keeping the aspect ratio. Here is an example:

Image Explorer in WebCoder 2005:

Image Explorer in "WebCoder.NET":


Exploring images is likely to be a much better experience in next version of WebCoder. As you may have noticed, the new Image Explorer contains a "Create thumbnail" button. It allows you to insert a thumbnail of the selected image on your page instead of the original version - pretty cool, I think :)

Kasper (TSW) @ 5:57 pm in WebCoder

3 Responses to “The making of "WebCoder.NET" – part 4”

  1. Ike says:

    Are you planning to add debugging capabilities for PHP (and possibly Javascript)?
    The ability to set breakpoints, watch variables and step through code would be enormous.

    Better code completion for css would be nice too (oftentimes, intellisense doesn’t come up for CSS elements after it is ignored initially)

  2. Crossinger says:

    Are you aware of recent postings in your forum? I did some suggestions, but with no reply. :-(

    And in the meantime, the spammer have taken over control…

  3. Kasper (TSW) says:

    Ike: Debugging is not exactly easy to implement. I have no idea how it can be done for JavaScript, but I do know of PHP debuggers. Unfortunately they have no documentation on how to implement them – I have already looked into it a couple of times :(

    Crossinger: Yes I have seen them, but most of my forum time has gone toward deleting the spam. It seem to have slowed down now, but don’t worry, even though I don’t reply, I read everything and I will look into your suggestions as well. Keep them coming :)

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